– United States is a privately held, direct-to-consumer, internet-based auto financing marketplace that helps consumers take control of the auto research, finance, buy and drive process. Offering a wide range of products and services to simplify the search for information and funding alternatives, consumers are provided with a secure, confidential process to obtain up to four loan offers. facilitates the matching of lenders based upon customer needs via proprietary analysis and evaluation that is called “Preferred Placement.”

Focused on auto finance, the company is dedicated to providing consumer choice for all aspects of the auto search, finance and purchase process. Capitalizing upon consumer market research, the shifting trends towards increased information prior to purchase, and wanting more decision making authority in the selection of auto financing, truly excels. This is accomplished by the establishment of a user-friendly site, easy access to detailed information, convenience, privacy and options for financing alternatives. are recognized leader of the online Auto-Buying Life Cycle process providing innovative technology-driven solutions and resources that delight our customers and lenders.

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